The Foto Bros. | About Us

The Foto Bros. was launched to embody the art of storytelling through various media outlets while focusing on historical, educational, creative, and social-based ideals. We recognize a truthful experience can only be achieved by immersing ourselves and our viewers into the culture of the story’s characters and events. Therefore we aim to execute an extensive and unfiltered capture of the subject, a thorough review and edit of materials, and polished final delivery. Our goal is to transcend the confines of a chosen medium to uniquely communicate with and connect audiences that otherwise wouldn’t be married.


Larry Frazier - The Foto Bros.Larry Frazier of The Foto Bros. in Columbia, SC

Larry J Frazier is a photographer and producer from Chicago, Illinois.  Growing up on Chicago’s West Side, Larry understands why those who don’t usually have a voice and are invisible need to be seen and heard.  While obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in History at South Carolina State University, he was able to take a substantial amount of photography classes to cultivate his raw talent and passion for still and later moving images.  Over the last ten years Larry worked in multiple public service positions via City Year Columbia and South Carolina DSS, Larry was again face to face with similar narratives that are being played out in Chicago. With a love for history, visual communication, and the active change of the human condition and presenting that to more people, Larry has poured his soul into his friendship and business with Carl Heyward Jr. to form The Foto Bros..

Carl Heyward Jr. - The Foto Bros.Carl Heyward Jr. - The Foto Bros. in Columbia, SC

Producer Carl W. Heyward Jr. is from South Carolina’s Lowcountry, raised in the small town of Cross with his older sibling. Matriculating through grade school with very small classes and oversaturated opportunities, Carl understood the importance in creating a strong community of family and friends that truly  support and care for one another. Keeping those values foremost, Carl pursued his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at Benedict College in Columbia, S.C. where he also served as the Station Manager for BCTV Productions, the College’s news station. After dabbling in Sports Broadcasting Carl realized his passion for creative storytelling and made the switch to a career in Video Production. Since graduating college Carl has managed one video production and photography company, CHQ Productions, prior to linking with business partner and dear friend, Larry Frazier. He says, “The most important principle I’ve learned is to always be truthful and transparent, in business and your personal life.” Carl plans to remain focused on the startup company, The Foto Bros., while expanding his horizons to Documentary Filmmaking.